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What Has Lord Byron Got to Do with Us?



He was a young man abused as a boy, born to a title and big estate, who struggled with an unusual sexual drive and a deformed right foot. Doesn't sound like you? Consider this. He was someone who only discovered how to adapt to his insecurities when he found out how to embrace them in his writing and in his self-presentation. That's a handy trick all of us could use.


What a marvellous title—and Bill Kuhn's book fully lives up to it! Pick up your towel and read along.  Robert Lacey, historical adviser to The Crown, author of biographies of Queen Elizabeth II and Grace of Monaco


Byron's life was tragic in many ways, but I found this biography oddly uplifting since it speaks so eloquently to the human experience.  —Elinor Florence, author of the bestselling novel, Bird's Eye View


Presents a Byron worthy of today's generation that detests labels and embraces terms such as queer because of their built-in ambiguity.  —Ritch Savin-Williams, emeritus professor of psychology, Cornell University, and author of Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity among Men


Kuhn evokes Byron swimming in powerful and graceful strokes. He shows how Byron went from immorality to immortality. The book burns with a green crystal flame.  —Sam Bompas, author and co-founder of Bompas & Parr, events, exhibitions, spectacles, the future of food and drink