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If a collection of books is a good guide to someone's tastes and interests, think of a collection of her friends as a history of her affections.




These stories are based on eight interviews with the friends of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. I've selected the best of the eighty interviews I did more than a decade ago for Reading Jackie to write up at greater length.


The first one is about Nancy Tuckerman. Jackie and Nancy were friends over seven decades. When I talked to Nancy, she slowly revealed the Jackie she knew, but it wasn't easy for her. And she didn't always make it easy for me either.


This is a revised and expanded version of Inside Jackie O's Longest, Most Complicated Friendship from VANITY FAIR. Nancy's insights about Jackie are on every page, but this is also the story of Nancy Tuckerman herself. As I'm telling the story, it's sometimes about me too.


The other stories are about my interviews with Nan Talese, Louis Auchincloss, Sarah Giles, Ruth Ansel, Rosamond Bernier, Francis Mason, and Edith Welch. You may read them all together collected in one paperback or ebook.  You can also read them separated into four, less expensive ebooks, 1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-8. They'll be first exclusively on Amazon as ebooks, but will appear in all formats, including paperback and hardback, via all major retailers. Sign up for my readers' circle to be the first to know what's happening next.



"The book was a pleasure, like seeing the lady herself." David Patrick Columbia, editor NewYorkSocialDiary.com