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Lord Byron

Lord Byron is the greatest writer you've never read.


He was also Britain's most glamorous and most tortured writer. My new nonfiction biography marks the 200th anniversary of his death in 2024.


He was rich and handsome. He was a swimmer and a poet. He loved both sexes. In his work he managed to make a queer love life thrilling and universal.


He was born with a deformed right foot. An emotional hurt dating back to abuse when he was a boy also affected the man he became. But his hand moved on the page and his body in the water with ease and assurance. His is the story of transcending his disability and his childhood trauma in his verse.


Byron's biography may shine a spotlight on your story too. The disappointments he felt in love, as well as the personal transformation he achieved in his work will strike a chord with anyone who is a reader, a writer, or a lover.


Swimming with Lord Byron: A Biography, is available in ebook now. You can read it is four short ebooks, or read the whole thing in a single ebook. Hardcover will be available 22nd March 2024 and paperback later.


I've commissioned brief cellphone videos of people reading some of Byron's memorable lines. Take at look at them on my YouTube Channel.