Selected Works

"I think you're going to love this book. And it'll be out soon."
Bill Kuhn (who?)
"A charmer of a first novel. . . . This Elizabeth is delightful, slyly funny company. You’ll never look at the real one the same way again."
People Magazine
"A fascinating window into an aspect of Jackie Kennedy Onassis that few of us know."
USA Today
"Categorical and convincing."
—The New Yorker
"An engrossing double biography."
—Sunday Times
"A timely contribution to scholarly research on a topic of great interest and fascination."
Journal of Modern History

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Prince Harry Boy to Man

At twenty-three Harry’s still more boy than man. He may have tight abs from years of military training, but the army’s worried he’s nothing but a security risk. The media’s convinced he’s a spoiled brat. Girls like him for the prince he doesn’t want to be. They don’t see the normal guy he's trying to become.

But when the authorities swear the British press to secrecy and deploy him to Afghanistan, Harry thinks he can finally prove he’s man enough to do the job. He doesn’t count on falling for a reporter. Then there's an Anglo-Afghan soldier who could either be a traitor or his first true friend. And what’s his former nanny doing on the plane to Kabul?

In this comic coming of age, Harry encounters not only a warlord in a Mercedes who shackles him in a cave, but also a colonel whose real passion is rehearsing the men in amateur Shakespeare. Moreover, a trauma leftover from when he was a kid now confronts Harry face to face. If he can survive that, he may be surprised to discover that being a prince is much more than he ever imagined it could be.