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THE BOOK The year is 2007, Harry's twenty-three and he has problems he can't handle alone. The army considers him a risk. The media thinks he's a brat. Girls like him because he's a prince. He just wants to be normal. He hopes his approaching deployment to Afghanistan will help him prove himself. Instead it proves a comic coming of age he definitely didn't see coming. Along the way he meets a CNN reporter who's disguised herself as a man to evade a Pentagon ban on women serving in forward positions. He acquires a sidekick in a closeted brother officer named Mustafa. He serves under a colonel who prefers reading Shakespeare to dealing with the Taliban. But what's his former nanny doing on the plane to Kabul? If Harry can learn to cope with that, horizons he never dreamed of might open up before him.

THE AUTHOR I'm a novelist, biographer, historian, scribbler and dabbler. I've helped to make commercials about chocolate chip cookies. I've also taught history to college students and led dazed kids on London theatre trips. Somehow my first novel MRS QUEEN TAKES THE TRAIN became a national bestseller. It has been optioned by The Weinstein Company for a movie. My second one PRINCE HARRY BOY TO MAN is just out this year. I've also written non-fiction on Jackie Kennedy Onassis as a lifelong lover of books in READING JACKIE. My biography of a funny couple who lived with Queen Victoria, HENRY & MARY PONSONBY, was a BBC Radio 4 book of the week. I've played with the question of Benjamin Disraeli's sexuality in THE POLITICS OF PLEASURE. My doctoral dissertation was published as DEMOCRATIC ROYALISM. I wear antique military jackets around the house when no one’s watching. I live in Boston, Massachusetts, and whenever I can in London too.