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THE BOOK The year is 2007 and the British army considers one of its most junior officers a risk. The media thinks he's a brat. Will his approaching deployment prove they're wrong, or will it just be more fun and video games? Before the troop plane even arrives in Kabul, Harry meets a CNN reporter who's disguised herself as a man to evade a Pentagon ban on women serving in forward positions. He's also assigned to sit with a closeted brother officer named Mustafa. When he gets there, his former nanny, an Afghan warlord and the destruction of treasures by the Taliban all make for a coming of age Harry didn't see coming.

THE AUTHOR I'm a novelist, biographer, historian, scribbler and dabbler. Somehow my first novel MRS QUEEN TAKES THE TRAIN became a national bestseller. PRINCE HARRY BOY TO MAN is my second one. I've also written non-fiction on Jackie Kennedy Onassis in READING JACKIE. My biography of a funny couple who lived with Queen Victoria, HENRY & MARY PONSONBY, was a BBC Radio 4 book of the week. I've played with the question of Benjamin Disraeli's sexuality in THE POLITICS OF PLEASURE. My doctoral dissertation was published as DEMOCRATIC ROYALISM. I wear antique military jackets around the house when no one’s watching. I live in Boston, Massachusetts, and whenever I can in London too.