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Searching for Jackie



Advice on Titles & Covers 3

Thank you for your comments everyone. With your help so far, this is where I've arrived. What do you think?

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Need Advice on Titles & Covers 2

Here's my second try. As these short ebooks are all interviews with Jackie's friends, I thought of using E. M. Forster's line "Only connect."  Our only responsibility in life is to connect emotionally with other human beings. My stories are interviews with Jackie's connections. I have just had a friend tell me "no way!" on the title, but I like the image. It's by Toni Frissell in 1957. TF did Jackie's wedding pictures and Jackie brought out a book on TF when she was an editor.  What do you think?

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Need Advice on Titles and Covers

What do you think of this cover & title? I could use feedback. Your comments will help me go forward. Please feel free to put remarks both pro & con in the comments section. Here (below) or on Facebook, whichever you prefer.


This is for part 1 of an 8-part series of short stories on Jackie's friendships. The first one is on Nancy Tuckerman.  


In Cover #1, Searching for Jackie O, I've got an image of Jackie and Nancy in the back of a limo. The "Searching" title refers to the fact that much of the story is about my talking to Nancy over a period of 10 years and sometimes not understanding what she was telling me. So it's my search for the truth.  


Hugo Vickers's recent book on The Quest for Queen Mary which details the interviews James Pope-Hennessey did in his research for the official biography of Queen Mary was one of my inspirations. (I loved this book. Both revealing and hilarious.) Richard Holmes's Footsteps: Adventures of a Romantic Biographer was also an inspiration. Both of these books try and tell the story of the biographer in his mission to find out about his subject, but at the same time bringing his own preconceptions and prejudices to the job. That's what my book is about too: I wanted to find out about Jackie but I was always getting in the way myself. I was also encountering Jackie's friends who were sometimes trying to erase the tracks.


I'll post cover #2 and #3 possibilities in the next several days.  Thanks for your help!

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