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1 Joe Armstrong, magazine publisher


First Interview:  Joe Armstrong
Joe Armstrong grew up in Texas where he did a law degree before entering the media world on the east coast.  He was a magazine publisher in the later part of the twentieth century.  He worked on such titles as ROLLING STONE, NEW YORK and SAVEUR.  Joe Hagan's recent biography of ROLLING STONE'S founder, Jann Wenner, STICKY FINGERS, names Armstrong as one of the transformational forces in ROLLING STONE'S business history.  Armstrong and Wenner went separate ways after the magazine moved from San Francisco to New York. He now sits on the advisory board of the Ransom Center at the University of Texas.  He also contributes to a broad variety of philanthropic causes.  His bio at the Ransom Center is here: Joe Armstrong
Meeting with Joe Armstrong
P. J. Clarke's, New York
Monday, March 21st, 2011
In the spring of 2010 Joe Armstrong mentioned to Nan Talese, my editor at Doubleday, that he was surprised and upset I hadn't interviewed him yet for READING JACKIE.  He was one of only a handful who approached me first and asked to be included in the book.  He also told Nan about some papers that had just become available relevant to Jackie at the Ransom Center of the University of Texas.  She passed all this on to me.  Though I did follow up on the manuscripts, I explained to Joe that it was a combination of diffidence and haste that prevented my interviewing him before the hardback of READING JACKIE came out in December 2010.  We kept in touch and I said I would still like to talk to him, as there was the possibility that Doubleday would allow me to add some new material for the paperback edition.
We met at the bar of P. J. Clarke's.  He'd just been to a dentist's appointment nearby.


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