Selected Works

"Whimsical and wonderful."
jpbos via
"A charmer of a first novel. . . . This Elizabeth is delightful, slyly funny company. Youíll never look at the real one the same way again."
People Magazine
"A fascinating window into an aspect of Jackie Kennedy Onassis that few of us know."
USA Today
"Categorical and convincing."
—The New Yorker
"An engrossing double biography."
—Sunday Times
"A timely contribution to scholarly research on a topic of great interest and fascination."
Journal of Modern History

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Launch Team

Iím looking for a small team of volunteers to help me launch my Harry novel on June 22, 2017.

Volunteers will have a chance to read the book online via a PDF of the Advance Reading Copy before itís available to read anywhere else. As thanks for their help, I will also send members of the launch team a free signed paperback copy of the book on or soon after publication day. Please let me tell you 1) a little bit about the book and 2) why Iím doing this.

1) THE BOOK. Prince Harry Boy to Man is a comic coming of age story. Like Mrs Queen Takes the Train, itís a fiction, but it begins with real people (Harry) and real events (he really was deployed in 2007). It explores and imagines the answers to questions like these. How does someone whoís acquired a reputation as a bad boy deal with a real war? Whatís Harry like as a lover and where does he sleep? How would someone who hates the press deal with a reporter whom he sees every day? Straight women sometimes have gay best friends: what's it like for a straight man to have one too? How can someone come to terms with being a prince if all he really wants to be is an ordinary guy?

2) WHY I'M DOING THIS. Traditional publishers in London and in New York published my first five books. Harvey Weinstein optioned Mrs Queen Takes the Train for a movie. This time out Iím making use of new technology to publish a book myself. The novel will be available both as an ebook and as a paperback via Amazon and other online retailers, as well as in libraries and bookstores. Now Iím looking for some help spreading the word.

More than half of all books are sold by Amazon. Books move more quickly off Amazonís site when theyíve been reviewed by everyday readers online. Once volunteers have read an advance review copy, I will ask them to post their own free and fair assessment of the book on Amazon, or on their other favorite retailerís website, during that first week itís on sale, that is beginning June 22nd. Amazonís only guidelines are these: I cannot require you to review it in exchange for a free advance copy, but I can ask you nicely to review it if you feel like it. Also, at some point in the past, you need to have spent $50 via a credit or debit card on the Amazon site to be eligible to post a review.

The Advance Review PDF I will send you should be easily readable on your computer, iPad, or phone. It's preliminary: it still has errors and typos I'm in the process of correcting now. If you'd prefer to read and review a copy you buy, that's fine. If you buy via Amazon, and review after your purchase there you will even get a "verified purchase" badge, which Amazon counts as more valuable than someone who's read an Advance Review Copy. You can of course wait and buy it in a physical bookstore too once it's published. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

Now, if you have a busy life and canít be part of my launch team, I do understand. If youíd like to help out in a more active way, please click on the blue link below which will effectively say ďHi Bill, yes please. Sign me up for your launch team.Ē I will leave this open until June 8th and finish signing up the team then.

If you experience any glitches in the sign-up process, don't hesitate to contact me via the contact tab of this website (above).

I really appreciate your reading this no matter what. I hope this finds you well and looking forward, as I am, to a season of green and warmth and optimism.